Electronic Health Records. Improve health and safety.

SchoolDoc.com is the leading electronic health record system for schools. Designed by school nurses and directors, our secure, easy-to-use web-based solution manages health forms, allergies, medications, and illness/injury tracking for your school throughout the school year.

SchoolDoc.com provides school health staff instant access to vital medical information, decreases the time and energy spent during initial student check-in, reduces risk and liability, and helps keep safety in the forefront of school operations.

Higher quality, complete documentation that is legible and organized, will make your school clinic more efficient and help your staff avoid mistakes. Electronic medication administration will help reduce preventable medication errors. Our electronic health log can analyze illness and injury in real-time to help you reduce risk.

What the heck is an eMAR?

Relying on handwritten instructions when dispensing medications to students can be dangerous. The eMAR, or Electronic Medication Administration Record, from SchoolDoc.com minimizes the potential for human error, and has raised the standard and quality of care delivered at summer schools throughout the country. The SchoolDoc.com eMAR aids schools in documenting when medications are given to students and staff, and ensures that they follow the “five rights” of medication administration – right patient, right drug, right dose, right time and right route.  Oh, and it will also alert you electronically if you forget to give a student their medications!

children experienced a medication error between 2002 and 2012
children experience a medication error every hour
of medication errors typically involve liquid medication
of medication errors involve a prescribed dose twice

Do You Like Reports? Yah, Us Too!

It’s simple. Create a report for any piece of data you collect. Do your third grade teachers need a list of all of their students with food allergies?  Or maybe your school nurse needs a list of students taking lunch medications? Find answers easily and take action instantly. Stay up-to-date with custom reports that you can build on your own.  Select the questions, pick the group, set filters, and get an instant report. Print your reports or download them as a PDF or Excel file. Our platform supports different report formats, each with varying degrees of functionality and complexity.

Incredible Features

SchoolDoc.com was designed by school nurses and directors and is loaded with tons of features. We love feedback, and listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis.


Send automatic reminder emails to your families if they have an incomplete student health form. Track email open history and bounced emails.

Pre-Populate Data

Pre-populate student health forms so families don’t have to start from scratch every year.


Filter for specific students to create lists or generate reports. Save frequently used lists and access previously saved lists instantly.


Review student profiles in real-time, and keep track of health records that have been reviewed or those than still need to be.


Add internal notes to a student record, and track notes by category and priority.


Add tags to a student record to keep track of internally assigned items (e.g. sports team/club).

Still Not Convinced? There’s More…

  • Access student medical information anywhere

  • Decrease the time and energy spent during initial student check-in

  • Fully customizable with required fields and dynamic questions

  • Send custom automatic reminder emails

  • Pre-populate forms so families don’t start from scratch every year

  • Save time with multiple user access and data entry

  • Eliminate the problem of illegible handwriting

  • Create allergy reports with the click of a button

  • Get alerts for medications you forgot to dispense

  • Keep safety in the forefront of school operations

  • Replace your paper logbook and make daily clinic-call more efficent

  • Prioritize high-risk students with triage mode

  • Save time on repetitive tasks with health log templates

  • Review health log entries and add addendums if needed

  • Analyze clinic visits for real-time trends



Have you ever wanted a simple and convenient way to electronically check students in and out during drop-off and pick-up? What about tracking attendance at specific activities or programs?

The Attendance module from SchoolDoc allows families to add trusted contacts and photos of those who are authorized for pick-up. Your organization can then electronically check-in and check-out students on a mobile device and generate detailed attendance reports.

Text Message Alerts

When a disaster or emergency hits your school need technology that facilitates rapid notification. Text message alerts from SchoolDoc.com allows schools to easily send mass notifications and emergency communications.

Many families and staff now prefer text messages over email communication for important school announcements as well, and we use the latest technology and broadcast network to send large volumes of messages reliably and quickly.

Our school management and electronic health record software includes multimodal messaging capabilities so schools can instantly launch alerts via text and email.

Emergency Plan

Establishing an emergency procedure for your school is critical, but effectively communicating these procedures to your families and staff is just as important.  Schools need to think more critically about their disaster and emergency planning, and put these plans directly in front of families and staff.

The Emergency Plan tool from SchoolDoc.com allows schools to easily plan and communicate three critical components of disaster and emergency planning: Communication, Evacuation & Reunification, and Emergency Authorities.

Multiple Language Support

We know that many students and their families speak different languages, and school directors and school nurses often struggle with language barriers when trying to capture accurate health information for these students.

SchoolDoc.com can be customized to support multiple languages. With multilingual support you can create and manage translations for all of the content in your health profile. Families can toggle the language display when completing their health forms, reducing the risk of miscommunication.


Illnesses and Injuries

SchoolDoc.com allows you to triage and log nurse visits in a centralized, easily accessible and secure environment that is flexible and easy-to-use. Knowing the time and energy that many school clinics put into the state/county health log requirements, we wanted to make logging nurse visits more efficient and most importantly, useful.

We follow the standard SOAP note format (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan), a widely adopted communication tool between inter-disciplinary healthcare providers. Physicians, nurses, EMTs, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physical therapists, among other providers use this format to document a patient’s initial visit and to monitor progress during follow-up care.

Travel & Emergency Medical Protection

What happens to pre‐paid deposits or non‐refundable travel arrangements if a student needs to cancel? What if a student breaks an arm in the wilderness and needs a helicopter evacuation? Who pays for the airfare home when a trip gets cut short?

If your students attend domestic or international trips, or if you have international students without health insurance, you can offer quality coverage through SchoolDoc.com. Prepaid deposits  and nonrefundable payments for students can be covered in case of cancellation or interruption, sickness/injury, or if a parent loses their job. Also cover students for emergency medical expenses during these events with first payer coverage and no deductible.

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